Senin, 08 Februari 2021

15 Quote Tokoh Dunia

Berikut Quote Pendidikan yang terkenal dari para tokoh besar dunia.

1. Thomas Alva Edison
"Saya belum gagal. Saya baru saja menemukan 10.000 cara yang tidak akan berhasil"
Thomas Alva Edison

2. C.S Lewis
"Kita adalah apa yang kita percayai"
C.S Lewis

3. Nelson Mandela
"Pendidikan adalah senjata paling mematikan di dunia, karena dengan pendidikan, Anda dapat mengubah dunia"
Nelson Mandela

4. Mahatma Gandhi
"Hiduplah seolah engkau mati besok. Belajarlah seolah engkau hidup selamanya"
Mahatma Gandhi

5. Nabi Muhammad SAW
"Jika seseorang bepergian dengan tujuan mencari ilmu, maka Allah akan menjadikan perjalanannya seperti perjalanan menuju surga"
Nabi Muhammad SAW

6. Brigham Young
"Jika anda mendidik seorang pria, maka seorang pria akan terdidik. Tapi jika anda mendidik seorang wanita, sebuah generasi akan terdidik"
Brigham Young

7. Malcolm X
"Pendidikan adalah tiket ke masa depan. Hari esok dimiliki oleh orang-orang yang mempersiapkan dirinya sejak hari ini"
Malcolm X

8. Ir. Soekarno
"Gantungkan cita-cita mu setinggi langit! Bermimpilah setinggi langit. Jika engkau jatuh, engkau akan jatuh di antara bintang-bintang"
Ir. Soekarno

9. John Dewey
"Pendidikan bukan persiapan untuk hidup. Pendidikan adalah hidup itu sendiri"
John Dewey

10. Meladee McCarty
"Murid yang dipersenjatai dengan informasi akan senantiasa memenangkan pertempuran"
Meladee McCarty

11. Tan Malaka
"Tujuan pendidikan itu untuk mempertajam kecerdasan, memperkukuh kemauan serta memperhalus perasaan"
Tan Malaka

12. Tan Malaka
"Bila kaum muda yang telah belajar di sekolah dan menganggap dirinya terlalu tinggi dan pintar untuk melebur dengan masyarakat yang bekerja dengan cangkul dan hanya memiliki cita-cita yang sederhana, maka lebih baik pendidikan itu tidak diberikan sama sekali"
Tan Malaka

13. R.A Kartini
"Sekolah-sekolah saja tidak dapat memajukan masyarakat, tetapi juga keluarga di rumah harus turut bekerja. Lebih-lebih dari rumahlah kekuatan mendidik itu harus berasal."
R.A Kartini

14. Pramoedya Ananta Toer
"Seorang terpelajar harus sudah berbuat adil sejak dalam pikiran apalagi dalam perbuatan"
Pramoedya Ananta Toer

15. Soekarno
"Belajar tanpa berpikir itu tidaklah berguna, tapi berpikir tanpa belajar itu sangatlah berbahaya!"

Itulah 15 Quote Pendidikan penuh Inspiratif dari tokoh dunia

Senin, 25 Januari 2021

In The Moment

I dug out this cute little book because it shows exactly how to pleat by hand, it's from the 30's or 40's I would guess looking at the fashions on the cover. Back then it was assumed that you would be pleating by hand. 

So as I sat and carefully picked up the dots in straight rows I strated thinking about how often people seem to be in a hurry to get things done, over with so they can move onto the next thing, and how nice it is to allow yourself to just take the time to do things by hand, slowly. I had no reason to rush, the beds were made, the floor was swept, the breakfast dishes were washed up and I had nowhere to be,  What else was there to do but to sit happily in my chair with my work in my hands and meditate on all this while I listened to Rosie dog snore in her basket beside me. As I did so a wave of contentment swept over me, not because my life is perfect but because I was for a short time living truly in the moment.

Millie All in Pink


She's the sweetest little thing, all soft pink and girlyness, which is strange for me - I wouldn't say I'm particularly girly, but this little doll demanded a pink dress and who am I to argue when it suits her so well.  In fact when she was born, you know dolls are born don't you ? There's this mystical moment when they come to life and you see this little spark and they speak to you. Anyway when Millie was born she whispered to me "I want princess hair with flowers and a pink smocked dress". Well that's quite a bit of work I said, and I'm in the middle of birthday week! She pouted at me and murmured "But I need them", okay okay said I, please don't cry. So birthday week has come and gone and bits of sewing and smocking were fitted in here and there. And now she's finally finished, all the loose threads are trimmed, her clothes are pressed and her hair is brushed. She's smiling in that quiet sweet way that she does, waiting for a new home.

Living Quietly In a Noisy Word

I’m an introvert, I like quiet: quiet houses, quiet people, quiet places, solitude. Given the choice between a good book and a party the book wins hands down every time! I go crazy if the TV is on during the day – I can’t think straight. In fact I rarely watch TV, occasional movies or shows on demand  that’s all.  I can’t stand talk back radio it drives me bananas! And social media – ugh don’t get me started with the constant need to update every five minutes.  I feel like everyone is clamoring “look at me” these days and I’m not sure that’s a good or healthy thing.

Even blogging I find challenging although I enjoy the real friendships forged and so persist.

This week big blue decided I wasn't a real person and deleted my account. At first I was concerned that it had been hacked and my identity stolen but I've done a little research and now I know the reason why. It seems it’s because I didn't have enough “friends” and refused to give out all my personal details so they could constantly pester me with friend suggestions based on my profile information. (apparently it’s quite a common occurrence)

So if you are on that particular social media platform and I've disappeared now you know why.

To be honest I’m relieved, I was considering cancelling anyway because I find it all very overwhelming. I never know whether to comment or what to say and it all puts me in a spin, so really this is a blessing in disguise – it’s freed me to concentrate on the things that matter to me, like making things and connecting with the real world and living in the moment more.

What do you think? Do you use social media and if so which platform do you prefer?

A Return to nature

Well it's been a longer break than I planned from blogging and from life really. I intended to have a break after Christmas and through January but not such a long one. I guess I didn't count on getting the flu the week before Christmas - but then I guess nobody expects to get the flu especially in the middle of a sub tropical Summer and I must say this one really knocked me around, triggering an asthma attack and secondary infection.

Today is the first day since the middle of December that I've felt anything like like my old self.

School's gone back and Eloise is in year 11 and doing her first full year of the IB Diploma this year.

 I think the return to routine and the slightly cooler weather is doing me the world of good, now I have some serious catching up to do.

New Doll

 This little one is so cute! She has a few wrinkles at her neck so I'm tempted to keep her, but really I'm making excuses and once I make her a pair of sandals she'll need a new home.

Spring Rain

It has been so dry in Queensland for the past few months - you can see how brown and dead the grass is in the background of this picture.

Our rainwater tank is empty and has been for months, we would love a second tank because we only capture the water from one side of our roof but our budget won't stretch that far at the moment. Meanwhile we're watering our veggies with town water.

Today it finally rained,  not enough to do more than barely wet the ground, but it was so nice to have a grey cool day and everything is looking a little greener already. tomorrow is meant to be showery too, hopefully we'll get a decent fall overnight and some water will go into the tank.

I've been doing quite a bit in the garden regardless of the weather and am beating the heat by getting out there at 8 am. This will soon have to be even earlier as we move into hot weather. At least the garden gets a good drink before the heat of the day.

I am going to plant some Malabar Spinach tomorrow, I've been researching this plant and apparently it's a good alternative to spinach in the sub tropics. We grow spinach in the Winter months and my spinach is surviving at the moment but this sounds like an interesting alternative.